Kevin Clark is a muralist who did such works at the Water Wheel in South Troy, the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall in downtown and the side of Brown’s Brewery on River Street. He is married with two children 5 and 1.

Is painting murals your full time profession?

Yes, that’s why I do faux finishes and gilding and things like that. It’s hard to make a living just doing murals. A mural is something that is not a priority. In this market, in this area, you need to branch out and learn other trades to get by. Fortunately my wife works too and that’s where the benefits come in.

How did you get into painting murals?

Murals were a by-product. I never did anything before the Brewery. It came naturally. It’s just painting bigger. To me it was easier. When I do a painting on a smaller scale, I get too detail oriented and when I do stuff on my own time I get lost in it. But when I do a mural and they pay me, I have to hammer it out and don’t have time to dwell on in it. It’s easier to work for other people than it is to work for myself.

What projects are you working on?

A gentleman is redoing an apartment on Fifth Avenue to make it more high scale and he wanted it very Troy oriented. We just did a lot of the Troy historical institutes and we included those in the mural and in other paintings around the apartment.

What is the favorite mural you painted?

I like the Troy Music Hall. It came out well and on time and on budget and it was a good experience that got a lot of exposure. My kids were old enough to actually see me work and appreciate what I do. That was rewarding.

Do you have an inspiration for your work?

Whatever the client wants. I don’t have a specific inspiration. I just try to make it look beautiful and make people happy.

Any other hobbies?

With a 5- and a 1-year-old I don’t have time any other hobbies. Keeping them occupied and trying to get them into bed and keeping them warm and happy. After that I’m pretty much done for the day.



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